take me home, bht

your opinion means nothing

THIS I should have thhgout of that!

Posted by: Augustina Tue Jul 7, 05:23 AM EST

I grew up with them.

Posted by: Kano Sat Nov 1, 11:25 AM EST

they stink

Posted by: john Wed Sep 22, 12:29 AM EST


Posted by: suanan Wed Nov 18, 12:47 AM EST

Like oh my god it's so cool to find out about this. My friend had black hairy tongue and it was soooo gross. Seeing this makes me feel soooo like funny.

Posted by: Lolly Polooza Wed Mar 11, 04:27 AM EST

Vhile my Engrish may not be so goot, I do so clearly vremember Black Hairy Tongle as being very very goot. I cannot berieve it has been almost 17 years since I kissed them.

Posted by: Vernon Von Teeforbaalz Sun Dec 21, 07:51 AM EST

i still listen to these guys.

Posted by: kano the dog Sat Aug 23, 11:23 AM EST

May history prove the (fake) blood of Seth was not shed in vain.

Posted by: shorty Thu Mar 20, 12:36 AM EST

The Stowe Prom was f*cking classic

Posted by: Shit Fri Mar 14, 10:11 AM EST

BHT was a first-rate mind-f*ck. When I saw them at 242, they always had a really creepy vibe. One of Vermont's greatest rock bands, along with the Champions and Famous Potato.

Posted by: Rich Fri Feb 8, 10:25 AM EST

Still licking myself, 2008. BHT never dyes.

Posted by: Elfist Sun Jan 20, 08:00 AM EST

i love black hairy tongue because they rocked very hard. as for betty, meet me bitch. I will destroy you.

Posted by: kat Tue Dec 11, 07:48 AM EST

Posted by: smugjuggler Wed Jun 6, 03:21 PM EST

Come on baby, tickly my pollipops. BHT makes me ooozey.

Posted by: Gorgonzola Fri Mar 16, 04:52 AM EST

the webpage says to socialize here. but I hate socialzing. thats why I like hairy scary bands like BHT. people suck.

Posted by: go away Tue Nov 21, 05:04 PM EST

J, Pete etc I had this weird dream last night that I was DJing at RUV and Seth and J walked in. So I found this website as a result. I still have the demo tape version of 2" Bung Torque that Pete gave me back in '91. Well anyway, great band. Are any of you still making music in other bands? Check out Demo Suzuki at www.soundclick.com/demosuzuki. I haven't put up anything new because I am not computer nerdy enough to figure it out.

Posted by: Demo Suzuki Thu Aug 31, 12:27 PM EST

Long live yer tongue!

Posted by: Bob Dobbs Thu Aug 3, 11:14 PM EST

remember when we played the stowe prom and everyone was scared of you and then we played (peg tassey), and these high school bitches wanted to fuck me and i followed them to a party but got lost and ran out of gas and i was in the woods and holy gay

Posted by: denny donovan Wed Dec 21, 01:22 PM EST

DUUUUDE!!!!!!! Sometime around 1992-ish, my cousin was living in Burlington with her boyfriend and his roommates, and I got to go visit her there. The roommates introduced me to Awake To Steak, and a good time was had by all. :) I can still see Shan playing air bass.. *lol* A year or more later, I was wandering around Providence, RI, waiting for a show to start at Club Babyhead. We stumbled upon a small music shop, where I found the Awake To Steak 7" tucked into the bins. I had to have it. Of course, now I have no record player, but the 7" is tucked away somewhere amid my posessions. And I got to listen to it at work, thanks to the MP3 here on your site. W00t!!!!

Posted by: Sylvan Wed Aug 24, 11:30 AM EST

One of my female coworkers kept taunting me with "black hairy tongue" over the last week and how I'd be grossed out by what I might find if I'd only go out into the internet void and look at such gruesome images. I figured there was some sort of sordid ironic twist to this. I even commented that "wow, that would be an awesome band name!" And perceiving that there must be some hidden meaning to her prattle, or at very least that she was being a bit of a cock tease, I asked google and here I landed. Apparently she was just apalled by the disease "black hairy tongue" rather than the band. Sorry to let you guys down. However I rather enjoyed the site.

Posted by: e-n Thu Jun 16, 08:19 PM EST

I have black hairy tongue (spondis ergacious polunickle disease) and find all this mumbo jumbo in quite bad taste. Maybe it is jolly good fun to you lads, but my wife would not agree. Come to think of it, I don't agree as well. Cheers, Mr. Bovid, Esq.

Posted by: Torple P Bovid, Esq. Fri May 6, 10:23 AM EST

I feel a distinct tugging sensation on my leg upon reading Brooke's post. However if you do suffer from BHT, I salute you for your bravery. There are at least two legends as to the origin of the name BHT... one is that all the band members suffer from the disease, and met at a support group. The other is they needed a name and needed it fast since they were only a few hours away from gig #1 and they still hadn't agreed on a name, and they hastily found it in a medical text of weird diseases that belonged to one of the band member's housemates. Despite ideas that the name might be a joke or temporary, and some uncertainty over what implicaton a name like this would have on their destinies, the name stuck to them like velcro taste buds ever since. (Hah... a likely story!) They either broke up because they were young strapping lads who had to part ways and roam the world to find their individual (rather than collective) fortunes, or maybe they just got sick of arguing and throwing musical equipment at each other's heads. The music was very black, hairy, and tongue-y, and got more so over the course of the group, because they had a revolting name to live up (down?) to, after all. Some people (mostly not in the band) tossed the word "grunge" around to describe it, but that was probably the wrong foul substance to associate with BHT, it left a residue all its own. Peace be to the victims of BHT, both band and disease both... once it licks you, it never leaves you.

Posted by: Dr Tongue Emeritus, Band Historian Sun Apr 10, 12:29 PM EST

March 28, 2005 Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't really love black hairy tongue. Nothing sucks worse than to wake up in the morning to a black tongue. And to make it even worse it takes me 15 minutes to scrape off the fucking sludge that has accumulated on my tongue during my peaceful slumber. Not to mention all the gagging and near vomiting involved. Anyways....... I was doing a little research on the abomidable hell that is hairy tongue and to my delight and surprise found a band that is called Black Hairy Tongue. What a great name for a band. As soon as I got to the website, I saw the years 90 to 92 or something like that. I don't know if this little note is going to reach anyone but if it does it would be a great pleasure if you could answer a few questions for me because I am very curious to know: 1. Is Black Hairy Tongue still together? If so, do they ever play shows? And if BHT is not together, why did BHT break up? 2. Who came up with the name Black Hairy Tongue? 3. What genre of music would you categorize BHT? (Sadly, I can't listen to any of your mp3 files. Otherwise, I would determine that myself.) 4. Has any of the members of BHT been inflicted with the hell that is Black Hairy tongue? I really hope that someone out there receives this message and writes me back. Thank you so much for your time if this does reach somebody. Sincerely, Brooke P.S. My e-mail address really is [email protected], Please feel free to write me at this address.

Posted by: Brooke Mon Mar 28, 05:16 AM EST

yeah! m/ i was in prehistoric anthropology with one of these guys... saw them a few times upstairs at a place downtown and i don't remember what it's called

Posted by: brian Mon Jan 3, 10:40 PM EST

Satan est amour !

Posted by: goon Wed Mar 3, 02:01 PM EST


Posted by: lol Fri Oct 24, 05:57 PM EST

A great band, but any album is incomplete without Alex Does Drugs or the cover of Safety Dance. Burn baby burn.

Posted by: goddog Thu May 29, 02:18 PM EST


Posted by: Eric B Thu Apr 3, 09:27 AM EST

There is a gaping hole in this website... and it can only be filled by a downloadable recording of 'Taking Phil to Work'. Gimme.

Posted by: brad Tue Dec 17, 09:52 AM EST

as it says above, your opinion means nothing. really. absolutely nothing.

Posted by: grrr Wed Jun 26, 11:17 AM EST

here lies BHT. god forbid a band should quietly declare that it once existed. bands should burn all tapes and t shirts after they die so nobody can ever acuse them of being wimps enough to actually break up and move on with their lives. the horror that a webpage go up that only 20 people can enjoy. go to www.photosofmydog.com instead.

Posted by: dusty pedestal Tue Apr 16, 09:57 AM EST

Wow, I'm floored. You know Betty has a point. Why should we waste everyone's time with this website honoring a truly excellent band that festered in the ear canals of a fortunate few nearly a decade ago? Oh, it's so Burlington, because we have rock egos a mile wide, we have a beautiful website dedicated to us. That's rock and roll. The funny thing - it never dies. BHT is dead. Long live BHT. So go ahead and rant to your little coal-black heart's content. We don't need a reason. You should really take a hard look at yourself in the mirror sometime, you'd probably scare yourself. Shame on you.

Posted by: J the vann dryver Thu Mar 28, 12:20 AM EST

uh. yeah. hi. uh. well. as betty pointed out, uh. yeah. aw, fuck it. we didn't live fast enough to die young so we now feel the need to leave something of a stain on this binary universe. that way, as we fade into the obscurity that is life, we'll have something to look back on to remind us what burned within our souls when we were young. deep enough for ya?

Posted by: skinner Wed Mar 27, 08:36 PM EST

don't cop out

Posted by: betty Thu Mar 21, 01:40 PM EST

no. answer my questions. don't cop out burlington boy. -and i'm not from burlington

Posted by: betty Thu Mar 21, 01:39 PM EST

betty, stop being such a bitch (in true burlington fashion).

Posted by: bill Wed Mar 20, 01:33 PM EST

hey -- fucking start playing again or shut the fuck up and die

Posted by: betty Wed Mar 20, 01:01 PM EST

hey, hows 'bout "rock and roll is a hard life, so you quit after two years, and then some idiot --in perfect burlington fashion-- decides to create a web page about how great you once were because Burlington has little else going on. how about that!?

Posted by: betty Wed Mar 20, 01:00 PM EST

i guess i'm thick... why the website now? is there a reunion brewing? if there is no reunion and nothing new, than I'd just have to call this whole thing so typically burlington. the only thing going on there now is cancer conspiracy. so, what the fuck is this site about, huh?

Posted by: betty Wed Mar 20, 12:56 PM EST

elvis is dead

Posted by: rock Fri Mar 15, 07:51 PM EST

rock is dead.

Posted by: elvis Thu Feb 28, 11:38 AM EST

i spent many nights getting my furry ears blasted by black hairy tongue. it was cool to have rock stars throw tennis balls for me. Ah, the puppy years. as i do know how to operate a stereo, i continue to enjoy this band even to this day....

Posted by: kano the dog Tue Oct 16, 07:11 AM EST

Posted by: Juan Carlos Wed Aug 29, 06:26 PM EST

Black Hairy Tongue was one of the worst bands ever to come out of the Burlington cuntry music scene. Just try line dancing to that crap and you will see what I mean. Maybe that sort of horse crap goes over in southern VT, but up here in the north it just makes we want to stomp my feet in shame.

Posted by: P. Stanford Wed Aug 29, 06:22 PM EST

i don't really have anything to say. just felt like wasting my own time, and subsequently yours. good deal.

Posted by: seth Sat Jul 28, 11:07 PM EST

Of course several XINGU will give illusions. And most likely a few delusions. The Brazillian "Black Love" will help with most of your problems. Just look at J. May the X flow pure and true.

Posted by: grrr Fri Jun 29, 07:05 PM EST

I love Black Hairy Tongue it was an excellent band full of excellent drinkers. Incidentally, I thought I had Black Hairy Tongue one night, when my tongue turned Black. But it turned out that I had merely drank several XINGU, and that is what was responsible for this illusion.

Posted by: j Wed Jun 27, 06:29 PM EST

whoever thinks it is funny to impersonate grrr and post pro-steve miller comments has got another thing comming. mainly my big be-jeweled fist in their booty.

Posted by: Mr. T Sun Jun 24, 02:37 PM EST

hey i like steve miller.

Posted by: grrr Sat Jun 23, 09:09 PM EST

b14X h4iry 70ngu3 is n07hing. 13p0r disc0 squ4d is 3v0ry7hing. if y0u d0 n07 f0110w 7h3 0n3 7ru3 f4i7h 0f disc0 7h3n 411 is 10s7. y0ur s0nic w311 b3ing is n07 my c0nc0rn, bu7 i h4v3 giv3n f4ir w4rning. f0110w 7h3 734chings 0f c0p0rnicus.

Posted by: M@x V0lT@g3 Thu Jun 21, 02:35 PM EST

BHT sucks I would much rather listen to old steve miller albums about the pompetence of love and bad company records they rule dude

Posted by: some dork Wed Jun 20, 11:48 PM EST

our friends:

Sorry, we don't have any friends anymore...

Black Hairy Tongue : Burlington VT : 1990-1992. VANN and Leper Disco Squad will live forever. Black Hairy Tongue was only to pay the bills. BHT ain't nothing but a preservative that did not work. Well, maybe it will make us rich now! Black Hairy Tongue, my Vermont maple sugar daddy.