take me home, bht

What you have is usually referred to as Black Hairy Tongue. It is a benign condition and the cause is not known. The cells of the top layer of the tongue get enlarged, then don't normally slough off, resulting in kind of a thick mat. This extra tissue can get stained by food materials, bacteria, or tobacco and become yellowish, brown or black. You just need to take a little extra care to brush your tongue or rinse your mouth. Sometimes Black Hairy Tongue will disappear spontaneously.

Black Hairy Tongue : Burlington VT : 1990-1992. VANN and Leper Disco Squad will live forever. Black Hairy Tongue was only to pay the bills. BHT ain't nothing but a preservative that did not work. Well, maybe it will make us rich now! Black Hairy Tongue, my Vermont maple sugar daddy.